Interfaith Seminars and Experiences

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Bridging The Gap’s Interfaith Seminars bring leaders of different faiths together to speak about their shared religious practices. By examining what we have in common–for example, the practices of fasting and almsgiving–BTG finds common ground to begin interfaith dialogue.

Past events include:
  • Faith & Cultural Traditions: Fasting in Different Faiths
  • Living Generously: A look at Abrahamic Traditions of Almsgiving

Beyond interfaith dialogue, Bridging The Gap also organizes events encouraging interfaith experience. Beyond talking, it’s important that our communities share new experiences together.

Past events include:

  • Houses of Worship Bus Tour: Participants visited a mosque, a church and a synagogue all in one afternoon, to gain a more intimate understanding of each house of worship.

  • Interfaith Nature Hike: By taking a little journey through nature, we reflected on what we saw and on ourselves.